5 Ways To Get More Instagram Engagement

5 steps to Get more Engagement on Instagram

I am a big fan of instagram! It’s on of the best ways to get your business noticed just by taking a picture or a video. But, you can’t just post any type of picture or video. If that was the case, everyone would have tons of followers. So, this is the big question that everyone and I mean everyone is trying to figure out. What can I do to get more instagram engagement? Followers are great, but engagement is better. The more engagement your page has, the more followers you will get. 

Your 'perfect client'

If you had a chance to look at my ” How To Figure Out Your Business Brand” videos, you should know who your perfect client is. If not, take a look at my video

Think about your perfect client and your business brand. What type of vibe do you want your brand to display in order to entertain your ‘perfect client’?

Motivate Me!

Is your perfect client following you because they want to feel motivated? 

I'm just here to look "The Looker"

Some followers are just following your page to look at your pictures. They usually do not read your content, they just like to look at some good pictures

The Learner

These followers are following you because they want to learn from you! If you are a make-up artist, hairstylist or just in the beauty industry, these are your followers.

The Fun One

Really think about this one. You don’t want to post funny content if your target market is more conservative. 

1. Plan your post one week prior

Organization is key for busy moms like myself. I know what I am about to say next might sound crazy, but it’s a must. 

• Plan your posts one week prior


Throughout the week, keep your phone by you, this shouldn’t be hard 🙂 and come up with a weekly plan. What are you going to talk about next week? 

2. Content and great photos are extremely important

One week prior, come up with one main subject and some great ideas around that main subject. 


It’s Monday, you’re an esthetician and you need to figure out a subject that your followers would be interested in.

You’ve picked, “How to wash your face “

Just because this is your subject, doesn’t mean all of your photos need to be about how to wash your face. You need to mix it up and let that be your main focus.  Take a look at this calendar example:



Post one: Example:

An selfie picture and your caption is quote “Don’t be a lady, be a warrior.”

Express how you feel about his quote. Make it interesting, you don’t want to be that boring teacher


Post Two: Instagram story

Have fun keep it engaging, stick to your business brand.  When I mean by personal is don’t tell them all about your personal business “unless it goes with your business or personal brand”. But this is the time to connect with your followers on a personal level. Personal things you guys can relate to. 


Post Three: Tips

Now you can talk about your weekly subject. This photo could give your followers your top 3 cleaners you recommend and why you recommend it. What cleaners are best for oily skin, dry skin etc. 


Here’s an example of the what the calendar I posted above would look like once it’s posted on instagram. Do you see how the photos not only look nice, but also engaging? Make sure you’re using the same color schemes. Don’t just choose any photo to post, really think about it. Think of your instagram as a magazine.


Before posting asking yourself the following:

    • Does the picture your posting match with your magazine flow?
    • Does your photo follow  the same color scheme?
  • Take your photos from different angles, make sure your lightning is just right, take tons of photos so that you can use it in the future if needed. Before selecting your photo, really ask yourself, is this a great photo?

3. It doesn't need to match

Just because you content talks about an upcoming promotion, does not mean you have to take a picture of your promotion. You can take a great photo of yourself happy jumping into the air. Your followers more than likely are going to read your content to see why you are jumping into the air. This is where they will learn more about your promotion and why they should take advantage of it. 

4. Learn about what your followers are interested in

If every follower liked the same stuff, figuring out how to get more followers or get more engagement would be a breeze, but this is not the case. 

What type of follower do you have?

The one who loves to stay motivated? The one who just loves to look at great photos ( photographer page ). The one who wants to learn more or the follower who just wants to laugh? 

May have a combination of both. But in order to really find out, you need to know what photos are liked and commented the most and who’s your target audience. 

Download the apps below to schedule your future instagram posts and to learn more about your followers and what photos they like the most

Apps to download

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