How to figure out my business brand?

Great branding will get people to buy things they really don’t need or want, but they will want it because of your brand”

Think about Target, the store. You can picture their logo in your head right off the bat, right? If not, I’ll give you a hint: it’s a red target.

Target also sticks with the same font and color scheme throughout their stores and advertisements. If you received a Target ad in the mail and flipped it open to a page without looking at the cover, I guarantee that you would be able to figure out what store the ad is for. Why? Because once again, they have a constant theme. Constant font, constant colors, and constant wording, such as the phrases that are used. Is your brand constant?

The First Step

Take a look at your business. Think about your website, social media, logo, ads, flyers, anything that has your business name on it. Now take a step back and ask yourself this, Are your fonts and colors consistent? Does your business vibe connect to your target audience or is everything you put together there because YOU like it?

Here's an example

Is a brand only about designs within a business?

No. Your brand should be displayed within your service, design, strategy and marketing. Stay constant, and try to reach your perfect customer.

1st - Who's Your Target Market?

2nd - What Makes YourDifferent?

3rd - Mix It Up

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